Marriage Equality

Alexandra Weddings  is pro Marriage Equality and actively supports change to the Marriage Act to allow same-sex couples the same access to marriage.

My husband, Rob, and I got married in 2014 and whilst we were super-excited to be committing to each other publicly in front of all of our favourite people, we were also very conscious of our dear friends in attendance who were not afforded the same privilege.

We have a large number of LGBTI people in our friendship and professional circles and we're looking forward to a time when they are able to get married like the rest of us heteros.

I am looking forward to a time, hopefully in the next couple of months, when I can announce that Alexandra Weddings is open for business for officiating the weddings of same-sex attracted people.

Until then, fingers crossed! Oh, and if you agree, you can write to your local MP. Check out the Australian Marriage Equality website for more ideas.