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Ceremony Basics: A Three-Part Guide (3/3)

Part Three

Certificate Signing

Consider whether you’d like guests come closer for a photo and a good look at the signing of the Register. Perhaps you’d like someone other than your Maid of Honour and Best Man to sign for you to include another person close to you in the ceremony.


We are all familiar with the age-old wedding ritual of exchanging rings but there are a plethora of interesting and historical rituals you can include in your ceremony to add to the solemnity of the occasion. Celtic hand-fasting; the fish bowl ritual; releasing butterflies; sand ceremony and ring warming are just a few. You can find more here at Alexandra Weddings Ritual Page or scour the net for more ideas.

Recessional (also known as walking back down the aisle)

These are your first moments as a married couple so why not make them memorable! Do you want guests throw confetti or rice (check on venue limitations on this) or perhaps blow bubbles? Your guests could form an archway for you to walk under or you could dance down the aisle together to your favourite club track Think about whether you’d like the guests to follow you and whether you’d like them to congratulate them then and there or wait until you return to the reception. Another option is to exit the ceremony to spend a few moments in private together, instead of walking into the crowd of guests.

Group and Family Photos

Now that the formalities of the ceremony are over, it’s a great time to get that wonderful full wedding group shot as everyone is in the same spot and relatively easy to wrangle. Consider writing a list of the family and bridal party photo combinations and giving this to the photographer prior to the big day to make sure you get all of the shots you’re after. These are just some points to keep in mind when planning the ceremony aspect of your wedding. Remember, whatever you choose to include, have a good think about whether it really means something to you both as a couple. Happy ceremony planning!

Autumn Weddings

April's a busy month in the world of a celebrant and here are two of the many weddings that I am taking care of this month. 

Jenna and Mark met at uni and were such a relaxed and easy-going couple to create a ceremony with. Even pouring rain on the day of their ceremony in the Rose Garden of the Royal Botanic Gardens didn't budge their buoyant moods. Luckily the clouds parted at the PERFECT moment, just before Jenna walked down the grass aisle. 



 Andrew and Bianca, two darlings of the night-life scene in Sydney chose the dramatic backdrop of the National Art School in Darlinghurst and set the courtyard up like a carnival with different food and drink stalls to keep the stylish guests entertained. 


Anneleise & Paul - Low Key and Lovely

Late in December last year a small group of Anneleise and Paul's closest friends and family gathered in Wahroonga Park on Sydney's Upper North Shore to celebrate the first of TWO wedding cereonies for the couple. Despite a little bit of wind and three drops of rain on an otherwise hot day, Anneliese and Paul were officially married in this gorgeous, under-stated location right near their home. It was a DIY affair with sisters, mums and the celebrant hanging paper lamp shades and setting up the bar for a personal and intimate post-ceremony picnic in the park.


The Sydney ceremony was for family and friends who couldn't make the trip to Koh Samui, Thailand where Anneliese and Paul had a Buddhist Water Ceremony two weeks later. Anneliese and Paul kindly emailed me the photos of this ceremony and it looks AMAZING! 

The orange robes juxtaposed with the pale blues of the decorations is just divine. What a special couple of weddings for a special couple. 

Paul and Anneliese xx




Spring Has Sprung

It's officially wedding season!

Walking around a park in the Inner West today it dawned on me that it's finally Spring time! In fact, today would have been the perfect day for an outdoor wedding: no wind, not too hot and the clearest of blue skies. 

If the sunny weather has kick started your wedding planning back into gear, and you need venue ideas, it might pay to check out the offerings of the Royal Botanic Gardens. A few weeks ago (on a similarly perfectly clear winter day) the gardens held their annual weddings open day and my finacee and I headed along.

The Botanic Gardens Restaurant is not for the gigantic wedding, it ideally fits about 60-80 guests seated on the deck with the inside reserved as a fantastic dance floor. We really loved the vast plantation-style ceilings and the neutral and modern decor. You could dress the space up as elaborately or as sparsely as you liked and it would still  have great atmosphere. 

Our favourite part was the lush greenery that surrounds the venue, it feels like you are dining in a dense tropical forest. 

The gardens themselves have dozens of spots to hold your ceremony with covered options you can book as a weather back up. 

The gardens wedding is definitely high on our list for the quintessential Sydney wedding. 

Are you planning a wedding? What other Sydney venues have you checked out?