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Ceremony Basics: A Three-Part Guide (1/3)

Part One

Many couples that come to see me at Alexandra Weddings have absolutely no idea where to start, for most of them, it is their first time ever considering what goes into a wedding ceremony. I've put together this informal guide for couples to get them thinking about their ceremony from the very beginning of the planning process in order to have an absolutely awesome ceremony that is very personal and really reflects them as a pair.


When deciding upon where to hold your ceremony, it's nice to aim for a place that means something special to you as a couple. It could be the restaurant you went to on your first date, underwater if you like scuba diving together or on a friend's farm if you are country people. Take into account that the weather might not be ideal and ALWAYS have a bad weather option. This isn't just limited to rain, a wedding held on a 42 degree day might need to be moved somewhere cooler to accommodate for your guests comfort. Think about the time of day you'd like to be married, what the light will be like and where the sun will be shining from. These will all impact on your photos and the comfort of the bridal party and the guests. Spend some time considering the layout of venue. Do you want rows of chairs or people standing? For something different, perhaps you could have your guests sit or stand in a circle around you as you are married.


Before hitting the web to find your perfect celebrant, consider what qualities you'd like them to have. Are they to be young or mature? Male or female? Religious or civil? What price range are you looking within? Talk to friends who have recently been married, do they recommend their celebrant? The celebrant should take care of all of the legal aspects like the Notice of Intended Marriage, Declaration of Marriage and the Marriage Certificates so you don't have to stress about anything in this department. When you meet for the first time, make sure you have a list of questions prepared so you don't forget anything and clarify what is included in the fee. Good celebrants will have their inclusions in writing so there is no confusion about what you are paying for and what the conditions of deposit and payment are.

Bridal Party

Most people gather a few or a number of close pals and family members to stand beside them on their wedding day but have you considered perhaps going without an official bridal party and telling everyone invited that they are your bridal party? Another way to mix it up a little is to have a man of honour or a best girl.

Length and Tone

Are you a traditional couple who'd like to say the words "I do?" Or perhaps you prefer a ceremony that's more modern and stripped back that tells the story of you two as a couple. Many couples like their ceremonies to be light-hearted, funny or even themed. Game of Thrones wedding anyone? Even if you decide on a non-denominational ceremony, you can honour different cultures with a prayer, poem or song from your heritage. Giving close friends and family the task of a reading is a great way to incorporate If you'd like to include more friends and family in your ceremony than just your bridal party, give them the task of presenting a reading. These could be anything from songs and poems to things friends have written for you as a couple