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Ceremony Basics: A Three-Part Guide (2/3)

The recent bout of rainy weather in Sydney is a PERFECT time to stay indoors and tick some major wedding planning boxes. If you've been holding out on the ceremony for fear of where to start, here's the second instalment of my three-part guide to your perfect ceremony.

Part Two


I tell clients of Alexandra Weddings to think of ceremony music in four parts or playlists: atmospheric music to set the mood for your guests before and after the ceremony; the song the bride will walk down the aisle to; music for the signing of the certificates and the song you'll walk back down the aisle together to as a married couple. You could collate these as playlists on an ipod; hire a professional to sing songs of your choosing or perhaps even have a string quartet pumping out classical versions of your favourite songs.

Giving Away

The majority of weddings conducted by Alexandra Weddings still see the father of the bride walk his daughter down the aisle and present her to her husband-to-be. But if you're a little less traditional, perhaps you'd like your sister, mother or best guy friend to give you away or you could even boldly walk down the aisle on your own.


Whether your vows are serious or light-hearted, make sure they mean something to the both of you as a couple and reflect the values and commitment of you as a unique pairing. You can choose to write your own to make it really personal and surprise your other half or have the celebrant provide personalised vows for you. In the past "I'll be the Yoshi to your Mario" has cracked me up during the ceremony and I've also had grooms promise to let their partner watch Real Housewives of Melbourne even though it terrible and depletes brain cells.


There are some parts of a ceremony like the Monitum and The Asking that are non-negotiable in a legal sense but this doesn't mean you can't be creative with them. Don't want to say the words "I Do?" You don't have to! AS long as there's some form of a verbal offering and accepting of the wedding "contract" you'll be legally married. More and more, couples married by Alexandra Weddings choose to add a paragraph stating that they look forward to the day their friends in same-sex couples can be married too. Only include this if you feel that it's appropriate for you, your wedding and your guests.