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A Cumber-match Made In Heaven (Ibiza actually...)

This afternoon I was left feeling deflated and disgruntled as the very likely future Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbott called gay marriage a "fashion of the moment". These types of comments set the clock back decades and deeply hurt those who are gay, know a gay person or are perhaps related to one. It's not on. 

Then suddenly, the sun peeped out from behind the clouds for a moment as this lovely story fell onto my eyeballs. 

Benedict Cumberbatch officiates the wedding of two gay friends in Ibiza. 


It reminded me of a fabulous wedding I attended as a guest last year where the couple had a close mutual friend of theirs act as the celebrant for the main ceremony and then got married with a few witnesses the next morning before the post-wedding barbecue. 

Their friend conducted the entire ceremony in a Tutankhamun head dress (for no obvious reason other than smashing decoration) and used props including a large, sharp kitchen knife during the ceremony. It was HILARIOUS and completely irreplacable as the most memorable part of their wedding day. 

It's a great option for a really personal ceremony, have the celebrant officiate a very small ceremony to get the legal stuff out of the way and then have a close friend, relative, comedian or even drag-queen do the honours for all of your treasured guests. 

Get in touch if you'd like a celebrant to do the offical stuff so your ceremony is a truly personal reflection of you both as a couple.