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Setting the bar at new heights

I've always thought that by the time you get around to proposing to your better half, you're pretty sure they're going to say yes. Why all the nerves? 

After watching this I've realised it's no wonder guys in particular, feel immense pressure to propose in dramatic, scene-stealing ways.

A guy in the states takes proposals to a whole new level with a choreographed routine involving friends, family, a moving vehicle, dancing jews and even a marching band!

I can't wait to see what he has planned for the wedding!

Is it too much? Let Alexandra Weddings know what you think! 

I'm in no way advocating a showy, public proposal, in fact, I feel the quiet private mometns are often the most romantic but it's such a lovely video and feels really authentic and personal to the couple.

For example, a girlfriend recently got engaged and her partner had planned the proposal six months prior but was certain he wanted to do it in a particular way. They were known to kayak together as a couple around the islands of Sydney Harbour and because he enjoyed that time together so much, he thought it would be an ideal way to propose... until his partner's workload increased so much that it was 6 months before she had time to go for a paddle! 

Finally she had the time and he packaged up the amazing ring in a paper sandwich-bag from the local delicatessan. What a personal and divine way to ask the big question!

Oh, and they've both assured me it was definitely worth the wait!